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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Comic Art

First, why do we still call them comics, even if they aren't funny? Don't say "graphic novels" because that just makes you sound both pretentious and nerdy. A pretentonerd, or maybe nerdtentious.

Progressive Boink: "This is what a woman looks like to Rob Liefeld. I can't even kid about this. It's fucking ridiculous. Fucking ricockulous. She's wearing a string of pouches where her stomach should but could not possibly be and both her thighs and forearms are larger than her abdomen. She has a big ole ass and torpedo tits, and I geniuenly think that when Rob finished drawing her he sat back, frowned, looked over at his friend, and said 'yikes, sorry, guy.'"
No, it doesn't look lifelike. But it looks good.

Look at this,

She's not lifelike, either. Her spine is too long. But that's one of the reasons its considered a great work of art.

Get it? It doesn't have to be realistic to be great art.

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Charley said...

Thats the way things goes my friend. Things that we do not understand or seems unreal are considered as great work of arts while the things we can actually see and appreciate are not considered that good. Lets be sensible and concentrate on things that make us prudent.

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