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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Back in Black

I've been offline for a week because I moved. AT&T dsl was what I was using before but wasn't available in my new place. Apparently my new compound is too far out in the woods. But not too far for Comcast broadband. So I'm sucking up celeb pics at 8mbps or something like that. Got a burst of 22mbps earlier.

The new compound is a nice place. On top of a mountain. I've got a pool and a pond stocked with catfish, couple horses. Razorwire fence everywhere. All the cameras are networked and the whole place is covered with wifi so I can surf the web while setting in the field of marijuana plants.

Got a couple followers that might end up in the pig food, though. They threw beer cans on my salvia divinorum plants.

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