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Saturday, August 18, 2007

On the Road being republishd.

This is like the director's cut version. All the sex and drugs back in.

But when it was first published on September 5, 1957, a good bit of the most explicit sexual content was sliced out and the real names of the characters were swapped for pseudonyms.

The new edition represents the first time average readers will have seen the original manuscript, presented in a "less conventional, more spontaneous" style than the originally-published version, Vlagopoulos explained.

"The reason the original scroll version of 'On the Road' was not published up till now was to avoid lawsuits by those who thought they were defamed or that their privacy had been invaded," said John Sampas, Kerouac's executor.

Beat generation figures such as poet Allen Ginsberg, Neal Cassady and writer William S. Burroughs appear in the novel under their real names instead of their familiar pseudonyms of Carlo Marx, Dean Moriarty and Old Bull Lee.

Uncut edition of Kerouac's 'On The Road' issued 50 years later - Yahoo! News

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