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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Travis from Reno 911, with a special message to all the hos

Obviously, if you are NOT a nappy-headed ho, this is not intended for your eyes. Please skip ahead to the part where I wrote “I love everybody equally -- sincerely, Deputy TJ.”

Okay, so somebody called some colored all-girl basketball team a bunch of nappy headed ho’s on the radio. What’s the big deal? It’s not like he called the Winning team that. That’ve been inappropriate. And isn't part of being an American being able to say anything you want? Isn’t that what Washington killed all those Germans for on Christmas day, after crossing the Delaware? Isn’t that why Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, (in between porking a bunch of his nappy headed hos?)

And for the record -- Nappy is not “the second N-word,” as a lot of people are saying. The second N word is probably coon. Or maybe jigaboo.
And don’t get me wrong... I try to never use the words coon OR jigaboo. Especially not on my radio. Not since the department handed out that memo.
And another thing -- there’s a hair salon in Reno, on 4rth and MLK blvd., called “Oh My Nappy.” Should it’s owner, LaRonda, meet with the leaders of her own community and apologize?

And why the hell was al sharpton listening to Don Imus anyway? I tell you the truth -- I suspect he wasn’t, or it wouldn’t have taken him a week to demand a sit down with Imus. So -- q.e.d.: Deductive reasoning: Al must secretly be pretty tight with some white dude -- or he wouldn’t have heard about what was on the Don Imus show at all.
I think folks out to stop freaking out about what’s being said on morning zoo shows, especially shows that they don’t even listen to. If folks are gonna freak out about stuff on the radio, they should freak out about Car Talk. Those two old dudes are obviously high on something, or they would crack each other up so much.

Shit. Speeder. I gotta go.

Anyway. I love everybody equally

-- sincerely Deputy TJ

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