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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Popbitch speaks

Madonna has a whistleblower.

Madonna better wake up. One member of her
large entourage/staff is trying to reveal
details of her private life to a newspaper.
The whistleblower's partner has overstayed a
visa here and the couple need some quick
cash to disappear abroad, hence the plan.

Black and Jew-baiting comedian Michael Richards
is a high-ranking Mason.


I'm not sure what TCP is....or Ken Dodd

For some reason we still have a Royal Variety
Show. Know the inside story before it is
on BBC next Tuesday:

* Ken Dodd smelt strongly of TCP. Prince
Charles was the only person in the theatre
who laughed during his act.

* Renee Zellwegger pulled out of the show with
only two hours notice, claiming she couldn't
get a dress in time. Emily Watson was offered
as an alternative by her embarrassed Publicist.

* Rod Stewart wrote graffiti on his dressing
room wall, "Rock clubs love this sort of thing".
(It was at the Coliseum, home of the English
National Opera.)


Once upon a time fans used to hide in
pop stars' dressing rooms or have sex with
their roadies to get close to them. The
internet's spoiled everything. It's all about
hacking into your idol's email and phone now.

Devon Townsend of Albuquerque is in court this
week charged with hacking into Linkin Park
singer Chester Bennington's personal accounts.
She used the information to make telephone
threats to Bennington's wife and put copies
of his intercepted personal messages and
email on the huge Linkin Park shrine she'd
built in her bedroom.


Spice Girls Reunited?

Almost exactly 10 years ago the Spice Girls'
debut album entered the charts for an incredible
72 weeks and 2 become 1 was about to be their
third huge number one single. Posh, Baby,
Scary and Ginger may still be all over the
celebrity magazines but what a difference a
decade makes in terms of why we're interested
in them.

Geri - baby (she had to scrap her greatest
hits album). Mel B - vessel for Eddie Murphy's
seemingly unwanted eighth child) Victoria
- how weird can her breasts look?) Emma at least
is currently on TV and in the charts but
even her success is tainted. Her stint on
Strictly Comes Dancing looks set to end this
weekend and her somewhat self-funded album will
enter the charts at about number 60.

All this means - a reunited Spice Girls
in the Diana Concert next summer! Get your
money on it now.


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