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Friday, December 22, 2006

RIP Lionel

Mike Evans, who created Good Times and appeared in such tv series as All in the Family, and Walker, Texas Ranger, has died.

On The Jeffersons, an All in the Family spinoff that debuted in 1975, Evans was initially a series regular, Lionel's even-keeled nature required to contrast with the volcanic nature of his "honky"-spouting father, George Jefferson.

Evans left The Jeffersons after its first season, just as Good Times was embarking on its third.

Good Times, co-created by Evans and Eric Monte, was an All in the Family spinoff, one generation removed. It focused on Florence Evans, the former maid on direct All in the Family descendant Maude, her family, their housing-project digs in Chicago and
Jimmie Walker's "Dyn-o-mite" catchphrase.

He was only 57 and died of throat cancer. Damn cigarettes. We'll miss you Lionel.

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