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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Britney Goes Insane

It's great, I take a long weekend off from the internet and Brit picks that weekend to go batshit insane. She cut off her hair, got some tatoos, and now I'm hearing she joined some sort of cult.

Sources say that Brit has become involved with the Reverend Alin Kimberlin. The pastor was reportedly involved with the Rev. Jim Jones before the Jonestown incident and also with David Koresh before Waco.

Now he's become the "preacher to the stars". He was supposedly an adviser to Dave Chapelle when he quit his tv show and fled the US for South Africa.

Now he has his hooks into Britney and will be her life coach.

I finally figured it out. Britney has become a Space Monkey. She watched Fight Club, where they shaved their heads and got scars of lips on their hand. She's done the same thing! She's becoming Tyler Durden!

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