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Friday, February 23, 2007

Suze Orman is a lesbian

Hmmm....I did not know that.

'NYT' SUNDAY PREVIEW: Suze Orman Reveals She is the '55-year-old Virgin': "Orman says she 'has a relationship with life,' so Solomon presses her, and Suze then reveals that her 'life partner' is Kathy Travis and, 'We're going on seven years. I have never been with a man in my whole life. I'm still a 55-year-old virgin.' "

So if you've never had sex with men but you've had sex with women that makes you a virgin?

If you are a gay man and have never had sex with a woman, but have with another man, does that make you a virgin?
If you never had sex with a man or a woman, but let a horse have anal sex with you, are you still a virgin?

I'm just wondering....

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ITS said...

Now it all makes sense.

Her advice is just common sense nicely bundled with plugs to her own product lines.

Suze Orman is a cunt, and wanted to let you know that I ended up here via google search for "hate suze orman club".