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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Hillary's Campaign song

Using videos posted on the YouTube Web site, Clinton has asked viewers to vote for a campaign song, with the winner to be picked soon. More than 130,000 votes have been cast since mid-May, the campaign said.

The finalists are "Suddenly I See," by K.T. Tunstall, "Rock This Country!" by
Shania Twain, "Beautiful Day" by U2, "Get Ready" by The Temptations and Smash Mouth's cover of the
Neil Diamond song "I'm a Believer."

I suggest Nasty, by Janet Jackson. Works on a couple of levels. Like this, "I just want some respect (that's right)
So close the door if you want me to respond (ooh ooh yeah)
'Cause privacy is my middle name
My last name is Control".

Campaign tunes not so simple in campaigns - Yahoo! News

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