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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Prince Harry chickens out

The Prince will not be going to Iraq.

It's fine for the commoners to risk their lives for their country, but apparently it's just not done among the royals. He had fun prancing about in camo and playing with tanks, but now he doesn't want to die.

"Oh Mummy", said, throwing himself on the Queen's wrinkled old lap. "I don't wish to play army anymore! But if I quit everyone will say I'm a coward. Whatever shall I do?"

"Don't worry my poppet" said the wise old Queen. "I'll have some general or colonel take the blame for it. We can't have people who matter die over something as silly as oil!"

"Oh thank, you granmama! Can I go dress as a Nazi, now?"

"Why of course. I think there are some of your grandfather's SS outfits in the closet. Go see if they fit. They were a little too big for your brother."

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