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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Matt Dillon and Marilyn Manson feud

LA stars Matt Dillon and Marilyn Manson
often bump into each other at Hollywood
parties, awards shows and VIP events.
Manson always says "hello" to Dillon.
And Dillon always publicly blanks
the goth rocker.

The feud dates back to a party in
Los Angeles a couple of years ago.
Manson went to the toilet to take
a pee and, mid-stream, decides to spit
his chewing gum into the urinal.
Somehow he misses, and the gum sticks
in his pubic hair. Perturbed, Manson
wanders back into the party and asks
if anyone has a pair of scissors on them.
Matt Dillon replies that he has a pair in
his bag and would be happy to lend them.

So Manson wanders off and carefully cuts
the gum away from his penis. When he
brings the scissors back to Dillon,
the actor gets curious, and asks why
the singer needed them. Embarrassed but
amused, Manson decides to explain. At
that point Dillon cuts him off with a
look of disgust... and has not spoken
to him since.

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