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Monday, January 15, 2007

Rick, Ricky, no matter how you spell it, it still means loser.

The little blonde kid from Silver Spoons is changing his name back.

Call Him 'Ricky,' Not 'Rick' Schroder - Starpulse News Blog: "Rick Schroder has ditched his adult name for the one that made him famous as a child star. For his upcoming stint on hit drama 24, the actor will be credited as Ricky Shroder - the name he grew out of in his late teens.

He says, 'My agents said, 'You know, you should change your name to Rick. It'll help grow up from a kid to an adult.' I've learned in the last 20 years it takes more than dropping a letter from your name to help you grow up. And so I'm more comfortable being called Ricky. My wife, my mom, everybody calls me Ricky... Rick never felt right. I felt like I was trying to be something I wasn't.'"

They should really do a Silver Spoons reunion. Most of those people haven't worked in years. Poor Carlton from Fresh Prince. Always a sidekick, never the star.

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