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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Want to lose your virginity on tv?

Mtv is casting for a new show.

UK TV has been unfavourably compared to
US series for a few years. It's not
always the case. MTV UK made a series
this year called The Virgin Diaries,
in which some teenagers made video diaries
of the months before and after they first
had sex. Cue usual Daily Mail furore, but it
was a sympathetic and genuinely revealing
piece of TV, and picked up a Broadcast
Award this week.

In America this year, get ready for Virgin
Territory. Teens are being auditioned
in Los Angeles and New York to lose their
virginity on screen. It's brought to you
by the man behind Paris Hilton's home sex
tape and he's trying to get porn star
Jenna Jameson involved.

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