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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Same dress controversy

Jessical Biel wore a dress that Hillary Swank had worn several years ago. Now her and designer Valentino are in a bitchfest over it.

Notice how Valentino doesn't actually deny that he sold the same dress twice.

“I loved this dress and felt great in it,” Biel said in a statement Tuesday, “It is unfortunate that I was told by Valentino no one had ever worn the gown before, but I think Hilary has amazing style, and I’m flattered we share the same taste.”

Not to be outdone, Valentino also issued a statement, though he didn’t specifically mention the Biel situation:

“Valentino dresses are timeless, and each woman brings to them her own interpretation. Two beautiful actresses can be different and great even in the same dress.”

And for good measure, here’s Treena Lombardo, fashion market director at W magazine, telling us her opinion about the situation:

“So who’s to blame? Ultimately, it’s the responsibility of Biel’s stylist and Valentino’s public-relations team to research gowns to be sure they haven’t been worn to high-profile events before. But in the harriedness of the season, people are just doing their best with a lot of gowns flying in and out of hotel rooms.” Link.

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