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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tara Reid loves "House Music"

Tara Reid has been partying in Australia
over the New Year. One afternoon she and
her entourage wandered into a small Byron
Bay DVD rental store. "Do you have any
house music?" asked the actress. The
shop clerk looked confused and told her
that they didn't sell CDs, she should try
down the road. "No, but do you have any
HOUSE MUSIC" tried Tara again. When he shook
his head again, Tara left. A few minutes
later one of her people came back in the
store and pleaded with the clerk for some
house music before leaving in despair.

That night the DVD guy was recounting his
story in a local bar. He was told that another
DVD store sold drugs on the quiet, and that
"house music" meant you wanted some ecstasy.

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