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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Pee-Wee Hates SNL

The whole reason PeeWee Herman started his show was because he was turned down for Saturday Night Live.

Also, for some bizarre reason, he seemed to think Gilbert Gottfried would get the job.

Pee-wee may be heading back to his Playhouse. But for now, he's happy to be Paul Reubens.: "Another interesting tidbit was his outrage at not getting cast for 'Saturday Night Live' in 1980; he believed that Gilbert Gottfried was a friend of a producer and the fix was in.

'I was so bitter and angry, I thought, 'You better think about doing something to take this to the next level,' ' Reubens said, describing his plane ride home from New York. 'So I borrowed some money and produced this show. I went from this 'Saturday Night Live' reject to having 60 people working for me.'"

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JMH said...

Like Chairry, Magic Screen, Mr. Window, Clockey, Mr. Vaseline Jar...