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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Elton John banned in Trinidad?

Next month's Plymouth Jazz Festival in
Tobago features a headline appearance by Elton
John. Not all islanders approve. Breakfast TV
show Rise & Shine this week had a phone-in about
Elton. Presenters refused to condemn a caller
who thought Elton should be subjected to earthly
hellfire for his "poisonous" lifestyle, while
another asked, "Is it your understanding that he
is planning a hideous nude gay orgy on stage or
in private during his visit?". Callers
complaining about the homophobia were told on
air, "Opinions are like noses, everyone has one".

Now a Tobago lawyer has unearthed a section
of the Trinidad and Tobago immigration
code which bans self-professed homosexuals
from entering the country, and a Church crusade
is underway to try and make the government
enforce it. Music fans on the island are hoping
Elton manages to get through this gauntlet of
hate...they say they'd rather LL Cool J
was banned from the jazz festival instead.

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