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Thursday, March 22, 2007

The truth about white tigers

Meet the real captive-bred white tiger « Tipped Ear Clan

Three-and-a-half years on from almost being
killed by his white tiger, Montecore, Roy
Horn is alive and even walking. He lives in
constant pain, does not yet have use of his
left side or leg and does many hours of rehab
and exercise every day, but as Horn died
four times and was told he'd never walk again,
he's not complaining.

"A doctor would try to pull a sheet over my
head and I would push it back," says Roy.
"He said `He won't make it,' and I started to
meditate. I knew everything would be okay.
God said it wasn't my time to go."

Roy has vowed to return to show business - for
the sake of his tigers. "The animals are
waiting, too, to do something again."

However, not everyone loves Roy and his
lifetime's work breeding white tigers. Animal
rights activists say there is a 80% white
tiger stillbirth rate and, as the tigers are
so in-bred, the most common result is a
deformed, mentally sub-normal mutant.

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