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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Borat invited to Kazakhistan

The Government of the country has invited Borat to see the wonders that they offer.

"His trip could yield a lot of discoveries -- that women not only travel inside buses but also drive their own cars, that we make wine from grapes, that Jews can freely attend synagogues and so on," Rakhat Aliyev, First Vice Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan, told local news agency Kazakhstan Today late on Wednesday.

Isn't that great? Women can now ride inside buses and Jews aren't thrown down the well...anymore.

But in other news, now the Gypsies are mad at Borat.

Also this week, a German group thatr defends gypsies said it had filed a suit to try to stop Cohen from showing his latest film in Germany. "We are accusing him of defamation and inciting violence against Sinti and Roma (gypsies)," Marko Knudsen, head of the European Center of Antiziganism Research, told Reuters. Antiziganism refers to hostility to gypsies.

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