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Monday, October 02, 2006

A letter from Suri Cruise

Suri recently sent me this email after some pics I posted of Tom and that woman.

Baby Suri here.......Thanks for posting pictures of the people that say they are my mom and dad.

I never get to see them in the daylight. Infact I never really see them at all.
And I don't have a nanny like all of the other Hollywood babies.
I am really going to be the laughing stock at preschool.

For those that really want to know, I have now learned to change my own diapers and fix my own bottles.

Next week I will start driving the Toyota Prius to the park to pick up Conner and Isabella. For some reason mom and dad go to the park each week to watch them play but they never bring them home.

In case any of you are wondering, I often google Josh Harnett images so I will know what I will look like as I get older.


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dupababy said...

oh that poor damned precious baby.. sounds like she's reprising the role of "matilda".. only problem is that tomthumb and his deadeye katester can't even make it home for tv dinners in front of the tube with her.. send her a reply.. tell her i'll take her..