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Friday, October 13, 2006

Stupid TV Execs

Ok, first Comcast screws around and turns TechTv into G4...which sucked. They cancelled Martin Sargent's show. In some ways it was good, though. was started by a guy that left TechTv.

Now they're going to combine E! with G4, because G4 can't get the ratings. These are two totally different audiences. I watch both, but that's because I've got some sort of disease that makes me care about celebrity gossip. It's not healthy, I know, but there's no cure. I sometimes watch the anime on G4, but mostly I don't watch it because I don't care about gaming.

But I'm not typcial. The average viewer of E! is women and the average G4 viewer is a teenage male. These two demographics are diametrically opposed. How are you going to sell advertising for neutrogena and Xbox 360? There is no common ground there.

I have this great idea for a show. Just let the Girls Gone Wild guy do a tv show that's a little milder.

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