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Monday, October 30, 2006

Naked Desperate Housewife

Marcia Cross from Desperate, not that one. Or that one. The one with red hair who's like the hot milf?

But I just have this thing for redheads. And Asian girls. Let me tell you, if I ever found an Asian redhead with big tits.....

but, anway.

Marcia Cross threw 200 naked pics of herself in the garbage and someone found them. Duh. Ever heard of a shredder or just matches?

Two hundred sexy snaps were reportedly discovered by a company hired to removed trash from redhead Cross' home in Los Angeles. The firm's owner is being represented by agent David Hans Schmidt, who plans to sell the pictures.

Schmidt tells the New York Daily News, "There are some pictures of her showering outside. She looks absolutely gorgeous. And yes, the carpet does match the curtains."

from the sfgate.

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