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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Jimmy Buffett's a big jerk

He's trying to get a website shut down for selling his stuff. But he claims the real reason is that the site is overpriced. Which is a bunch of crap. A 50 percent markup is actually below average in retail. Plus, have you ever been to one of his Margaritaville restaurants? They charge about 15 bucks for a cheeseburger. Also, he charges about 60 dollars for concert tickets, and he has the nerve to say he's not in it for the money? Look here, he's charging 30 bucks, plus shipping for some ugly flip-flops.

Jimmy Buffett wants Web site shut down - Yahoo! News: "'Many of these products are ones (Akard is) not even authorized to sell, but primarily, the problem is that, in some cases, the markup on items is as high as 50 percent,' lawyer Anthony Buzbee said. 'Jimmy Buffett's not in business to make money, certainly not anymore, and he doesn't appreciate what this guy's been doing.'"

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