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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

K-fed Dumped on video

Here's the video that shows K-fed getting dumped by text message. He's so pathetic he's having to give away tickets to his shows for free. One day soon we'll find out he's living in a box and spending all his money on Maddog 20/20. I'm almost feeling sorry for the guy. Except everyone in the world tried to warn him about what was going to happen.

The Superficial claims to have Britney Spears sex tape.

Thanks, to WoW for the links.

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mario5k said...

In an interview just two weeks ago Osama bin Laden, who has declared a
jihad against America, explained his justification for waging war
against American civilians as well as American military targets. He
said, and I quote: "If the Israelis are killing small children in
Palestine and Americans are killing innocent people in Iraq, and if the
majority of the American people support their dissolute President, this
means the American people are fighting us and we have the right to
target them. Muslim scholars have issued a fatwa against any American
who pays taxes to his government. He is our target, because he is
helping the American war machine against the Muslim nation." -- end of
quote -- So you see, people like bin Laden pay attention to the Clinton
popularity polls too, and they draw conclusions from them. The
significant part of that quote I just read to you, the part to remember
is: "if the majority of the American people support their dissolute
President . . . ." then the American people will be held responsible.
The bin Laden statement I just quoted was carried in this week's issue
of Newsweek magazine.

I remember seeing some people in a VFW club being interviewed by an NBC
television reporter after Clinton launched his pre-impeachment attack on
Iraq. These VFW people not only expressed their approval for the
bombing, they were saying things like, "Yeah, that Saddam is a bad guy.
We should have taken him out a long time ago." People who believe that
America's national policy ought to be to "take people out" because
they're "bad guys," even if that means starting a war with another
country which hasn't attacked us, just aren't serious adults. They do
not have the maturity, the judgment, and the sense of responsibility a
voter ought to have. But their attitude toward Clinton's unprovoked
attack on Iraq is consistent with the view that Clinton ought not to be
impeached, because he has a nice smile, and with the view that the laws
against perjury, obstruction of justice, and so on ought not to be
enforced if the offender is a nice guy who feels our pain.

So, when polls show that a substantial majority of Americans have such
views, it is understandable that Americans are not respected by serious
people anywhere. And we ought not to feel very much indignation when
American tourists have their throats cut or American buildings, whether
in the United States or abroad, get blown up. And if the terrorism gets
really nasty, and large numbers of Americans begin losing their lives,
and if Muslim countries everywhere decide they'd rather not do business
with us any longer, don't blame Saddam Hussein or Osama bin Laden or
even Bill Clinton. Blame the irresponsible rabble who put Bill Clinton
in office. That's whom the rest of the world will be blaming. It will be
the views expressed by that rabble in the recent opinion polls which
will be the moral justification in the minds of people everywhere for
terrorism against the United States and its citizens.