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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Michelle Trachtenberg as Snow White

Here's Buffy's little sis, Michelle Trachtenberg dressed up as Snow White and posing with a skinny, slutty, redheaded vampire fairy.


mario5k said...

Now, on aesthetic grounds alone, I could never be an Arafat booster. He's about as aesthetically appealing as Ariel Sharon. But whenever I see George Bush, with that little smirk on his face, blaming every act of violence in occupied Palestine on the Palestinians and never on the Jewish occupiers -- whenever I hear him repeat his same old claim that "Arafat isn't doing enough to stop the violence," while Jewish soldiers are shooting more Palestinian children, I ask myself whether Bush's performance looks as grotesque to other viewers as it does to me. Doesn't it make other viewers squirm in embarrassment when they are reminded that this pathetic, smirking liar sucking up to the Jews is the President of the United States?

You know, just because I have one view of an issue, and a politician has a different view, doesn't in itself mean that the politician is a crook and a liar. People -- even politicians -- are entitled to have different opinions about things. But when a politician like George Bush announces to the nation in completely unambiguous terms that the September 11 attack was unprovoked and was simply an expression of hatred by fundamentalist Muslims for America's freedom and democracy, it's not a difference of opinion; the man is simply lying. He's lying consciously and deliberately. He's lying to the whole nation on a matter of the utmost importance. This is much, much more reprehensible -- much, much more dangerous for the country -- than Bill Clinton's lies about the sexual services he was receiving in the Oval Office from a Jewish intern.

BigDog said...

I thought Michelle was taller.

... and what is the deal with the first comment?!? wtf?

Maxwell Hammer said...

I don't know. He's some sort of lunatic who's posting all this political stuff to completly unrelated topics.

I really don't care as long as he's not a spammer, though.