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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Stories from the Popbitch

Every week the Popbitch sends out an email full of secret celeb info. Most of it is geared to a UK audience, so I haven't even heard of most of these people. But I take the stuff I think is interesting and put it up here. You can sign up for her email here.

"A couple of years ago I was sitting in the Kodak
Theatre with my acceptance speech in my pocket,
waiting to get up and say that I was the first
openly gay actor to win an Oscar. Unfortunately,
that was the year the blacks won." - Ian McKellen

Kanye West got in a huff at the MTV EMA
awards because he didn't win Video of the Year.
Kanya stormed on to the stage when winners
Justice v Simian were being lauded shouting
that he should have won because his video
"cost a million dollars". "If I don't win, the
awards show loses credibility," he concluded.

Andy Taylor left Duran Duran last week.
Musical differences - he didn't want to
collaborate with Justin Timberlake -
was definitely part of it. Plus he was
somewhat under-whelmed that these days
Duran Duran was just Nick, Simon and John.
He and Roger were just employees. But Andy
wasn't the only person to walk out on the
band last week. Their web-mistress was so
upset that Andy left that she quit on the same
day, replacing the home page with a new message,
written in huge red letters, which had
Duran fans laughing all day long:

"Duran Duran Without Andy Taylor is Like
Anal Sex Without Lube."

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