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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Worst Ending Evar!

The Spoprano's Series Finale? Worst ep ever. What the hell is the lesson here? That life goes on and Meadow can't fraking parallel park? I wouldn't wipe my ass with that script.

Screw HBO. I'm canceling the account. I write better crap than that and throw it away.

I guess this means the Sopranos are part of Tommy Westphall's universe.

Or maybe, maybe Tony really died in the car crash with Christopher. I noticed that the editing changed around that time. Like there were jump cuts and dream when he talked to Melfi the first time and admitted that he killed Chistopher...was that real? Because then he wakes up and has another visit, or does he? Which one was the real one? He either tells her two different stories and she doesn't notice or one isn't real.

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