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Sunday, June 03, 2007


In the course of a day I come across thousands of photos. Some of them I have something to

say about, some I don't.

I'm just going to start posting some of these. Just because I post a photo of a person isn't

necessarily an endorsement of that person. They may suck as human beings. But maybe it was a

good picture, anyway.

Here's a few randoms:

Alyssa Milano.

China Fukunaga

I have no idea what

this is about and just don't care enough to do the research. A-Rod sucks.

Pez Bikini

Some sort of horrible wedding dress. This is the wedding dress you wear when you're rich and

you just don't give a damn about combing your hair.

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Matty said...

Last week A-Rod was spotted out in Toronto going to a strip club with some blond, who wasn't his wife.

so, in grand fashion, Boston fans got some blond masks and taunted him the whole game. priceless.