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Friday, June 22, 2007

Paris Hilton discovers her special purpose

She's going to open a halfway house for all the new friends she's made in the joint.

"I was really scared to come here at first, but all the inmates have been really nice and supportive and, I don't know, it was different than I thought it would be," she said. "It's not like what everyone thinks about jail.

"The walls are pretty thin and there are vents, so the girls next door talk to me through the vent, and they say, 'Oh my God, my kids love you,' or, 'My dad, all he wants for Father's Day is your autograph.' "

Hilton said that when she is escorted through the jail's hallways and passes by classrooms, the inmates will "all be in there and they'll all wave and blow kisses."

"Everyone is really supportive and sweet," she said. "If I'm crying and upset, they'll say, 'Don't cry' and 'God bless you.' "

Paris "This will give me a whole different perspective on this. (Patty squeezes Paris' backside) Hey! Will you be my friend? Is it getting hot in here? Wait a minute - what's happening to my special purpose?"
Patty: "What's your special purpose?"
Paris "Well when I was a kid my mom told me... there goes my special purpose! And someday I'd find out what my special purpose was!"
Patty: "Today's the day!"
Paris: "(the whole trailer shakes) Hey, this is like a ride!"

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