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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Music you should hear

There's certain music you should be familiar with if you're going to be ...well, worth me wasting my time on. And here' s one of them. The Pixies, Into the White, in concert.

Points of interest in the video...

Kim Deal, smoking hot as always.

The drummer looks like he's about to shoot his wad all over the snare drum.

Black Francis, aka Frank Black isn't fat and has hair.

The Pixies were where the cliche of "We're huge in Europe" came from. Here's a concert of them playing for what looks like a 100,000 Germany in 1989. No one in the US had heard of them at that time. Everyone was listening to Poison and Milli Vanilli. Hell, Trent Reznor had only just put out Pretty Hate Machine about that time.

Musically the whole world changed in 1989 and the Pixies were in a large way responsible for that.

The whole world changed in 89 in a lot of other ways too, but I don't think the Pixies were responsible for that.

First vid into the white, the second Debaser in Germany.

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