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Monday, June 11, 2007

Hosting issues

I'm looking for hosts for another domain I have. Since the one I've been using was bought by this company that can't seem to even tell me what their namesever is.

I've decided to put up the reviews and interactions I have with these potential hosts here. This is from who asks for a full year contract. They had live support so here's the conversation I had with them.

Joe: Hello - welcome to Hostpapa, how can I help you today?
Wayne Nix: I want to try out your service for one month. I have had a lot of hosts and they're usually horrible, so I don't want to pay for a year if I want to cancel it after one month.
Wayne Nix: hello?
(the reason I said that was because it took about 10 minutes for "Joe", who's real name is probably Sanjit, to reply. It's hard translating from Hindi to English, isn't it?)
Joe: you have a 30 day money back guarantee
Wayne Nix: yeah, sure, right, heard that before
Wayne Nix: I've got no way of knowing I'll get the money back
Joe: we do not have any free trials
Wayne Nix: I'm sure I don't want to host with you.

So don't host with They're probably a ripoff.

Oh, and here's how it should be done. I went to At first I thought they might be the same company as hostpapa. They had the same setup and same live customer service. But here's how the talk with them went.

Chat InformationPlease wait for a HostGator operator to respond.
Chat InformationWelcome to HostGator Live Chat! You are now chatting with 'Jim'
Jim: Welcome to HostGator, how may I assist you?
Wayne: is this the same hosting as You have the same interface
Jim: No, that is not the same company.
Wayne: I would like to try your service for a month. I've had a lot of bad webhosts and I don't want to pay for a year if I want to cancel after one month
Jim: Sure, you can sign up for a Baby plan for one month, no contract.
Wayne: ok, any setup fee?
Wayne: and how much bandwidth
Jim: No setup fee, 1000GB bandwidth.
Wayne: ok, good, I'll sign up, thanks. If you're any good I've got a lot of domains spread out over several hosts...if you're good I might transfer them to you
Jim: Sounds great!
Jim: Is there anything else I can help you with?
Wayne: not right now, thanks
Jim: Ok then, have a great day! :)

So can you hosting companies see the difference? I'll host with them and if they suck I'll post it here.

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