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Thursday, June 14, 2007

It's good to be rich

Two court cases this week -
two very different defendants.

Paris Hilton
* Drifted through a variety of private schools.
Left with few qualifications.
* Home sex video made when 19 brought global fame.
* Caught on camera enjoying what appears to be
gak and weed.
* A series of DUI arrests and driving while on
probation lead to 23 days in jail.
* Released by LA sheriff after three days. Now
back in a correctional facility but still able
to call TV presenters with her story.
* Found God on the day her agents sacked her.

Genarlow Wilson
* Star athlete and honours student in Georgia.
* Convicted of consensual oral sex, aged 17, with
a 15 year-old girl, at a New Year's Eve party.
* 10 year prison sentence, plus lifetime
on sex offenders' register.
* This week US judge overturned the ruling,
after he'd served two years.
* Ex-President Jimmy Carter has written
to Georgia's attorney-general to question
whether his treatment was racially motivated.
* Georgia's attorney-general appeals against
new ruling, Genarlow is still in jail.

FYI: As the law stands, Wilson cannot return to
his own family if released, as he has an 8 year-old
sister and he would be forbidden contact.

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